At Devonshire Infant Academy we aim to ensure that our children have access to a curriculum that allows them to be technologically fluent and provides them with the tools they need to be successful in the modern world.

Learners at Devonshire Infant Academy enjoy using different types of technology and be inquisitive as to how the technology works and can be used. We teach them to be confident to name different types of information technology that they use in and out of school.

All learners access an engaging computing curriculum with a balance of lessons covering computer science, using information technology to create content and becoming digitally literate to communicate their ideas through the use of technology. 

The current resources available include class computers, iPads and laptops which are used regularly to support learning in computing, phonics and thematic lessons.

Online Safety:

Through our computing curriculum we aim to ensure that pupils become digitally literate so that they can use technology safely and respectfully. This includes keeping personal information private and knowing where to go for help and support when they have concerns about inappropriate content or contact through the internet.

A priority within this subject is for learners to have a secure understanding of how to use the internet safely, keeping personal information private and what to do if they see online content that scares them or is inappropriate. We aim to support parents with internet safety and regularly provide updated information.

In addition, children receive regular updates and reminders throughout the year and we also take part in the national Safer Internet Day each February.

Please see our section on On-Line Safety under our Parents section for more information.