Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To be the best that we can be.

At Devonshire Infant & Junior Academies we believe in educating the whole child.  While we focus on ensuring all children reach their academic potential, we also understand that we are helping to shape future citizens.  Therefore, our aim is that all children leave us with strong values: fairness, kindness, and tolerance as well as the confidence, independence and critical thinking skills to make the most of their opportunities in life.

We believe in the power of strong, positive relationships to help children grow and mature and so are mindful to include parents as valued partners.  We value all our children equally.  We are ambitious for them and we will go the extra mile for all our children, whatever their needs.

In order to achieve this Devonshire Infant & Junior Academies:

    • Engages children in an exciting, innovative curriculum which is built on real life experiences.
    • Provides each child with the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful.
    • Develops resilient, responsible and aspirational citizens.
    • Provides a safe and happy place to learn where everyone is unique and valued.
    • Works alongside our parents, carers, community and Trust partners.

For our children, our values are exemplified as follows:


We know that by working together, we are stronger than working alone.


We always do what we believe is right and true. We show kindness and respect to others.


We are willing to take on challenges with enthusiasm, determination, and resilience.


We have passion to learn, explore, and discover new things.


We learn from our mistakes, always working to become the best that we can be.