Year 2

Year 2

In Year 2, it is our aim to provide a curriculum that will deepen children’s knowledge and skills in all subjects and give them rich learning experiences that captures their interest.  This is developed through three learning challenges throughout the school year.  These challenges help to create meaningful links between subjects that help children to deepen their understanding, to know more and remember more.  

Maths, English and Phonics are all taught as separate lessons to ensure children gain the skills needed to make the best possible progress, although we link English to our topics wherever possible.

We have a phonics first approach to reading however, by year two most children will have progressed through the Little Wandle scheme and be ready to enjoy a range of age appropriate books which build on, and embed, their phonic knowledge and deepen comprehension skills.  Children also choose a library book to enjoy at home.  Children who have not met the year one phonic screening standard will continue to be taught phonics in class and through interventions and take a phonic book home which is carefully matched to their phonic knowledge.

Families also have opportunities to come into school to work with their children and learn more about our curriculum. 

We plan our learning around the National Curriculum.  For Religious Education, we follow the Sandwell Sacre Syllabus.

Homework day is Friday.  Your child will receive Maths, Phonics, and Reading comprehension homework.

Learning challenges are at the heart of what we do throughout the school.

Curriculum Overviews