Online Safety

At Devonshire Infant Academy we take online safety very seriously.

We teach children not to talk to strangers when walking home,  however it is just as important they keep themselves safe online.

Materials, contacts and services available online can put children at risk. Click here for our online safety policy.

It is very important that we teach children not to live in silence about abuse. At Devonshire Infant Academy, we have a policy of telling.

This site helps parents to understand the dangers that children face online and will help you look out for problems. It also has age-appropriate videos and stories to help you explain to children why they should be careful online.

Online Parental Controls Guides

Parental Controls for consoles
xBox One
Nintendo Switch
Parental Controls for Devices
iPad, iPhone, & iPod
Android Devices
Amazon Fire
Parental Controls for Internet Providers
Virgin Media