At Devonshire, we believe that learning should be exciting and purposeful.  When children are immersed in their learning, they make great progress.  Children are encouraged to share their own ideas and work with a teacher to investigate and develop these so that they grow in confidence, independence and resilience. 

It is our aim to provide an ambitious curriculum that will deepen children’s knowledge and skills in all subjects whilst providing rich experiences that capture their interest and motivate learning. 

We use a Learning Challenge Outcome to provide purpose and make links with our community.  Outcomes may be charitable, for example, Y1 raise money for the WWF after learning about Animals Everywhere. Early Years raise money for a local charity or collect toys for a children’s hospital when they find out about People who help us.  Outcomes could be a display of the knowledge children have gained, for example, Y2 create a stage performance about significant people who have made a difference to our world when learning about Change Makers.   These challenge outcomes are varied and help to make links between the discreet subjects. 

Science and Foundation subjects are taught discretely and linked to the learning challenge outcomes.  They are interwoven across a term to give opportunity to introduce new knowledge and embed this, whilst making links to other subjects and deepening children’s understanding of the knowledge that they gain. Within this process, teachers will use recall and review exercises to help children remember key knowledge. 

To find out more about our curriculum please speak to your child’s class teacher or a member of the school leadership team.