At Devonshire we believe that learning should be exciting and purposeful. When children are immersed in their learning they make great progress, and having a chance to share their own ideas and work with a teacher to investigate and develop these, means they grow in confidence and independence.

Where possible we link this to something real and relevant in our community or wider world; for example, raising money for World Wildlife Fund or finding out about the work of local faith leaders, The Faithful Friends, in order to promote tolerance and respect whilst exploring each other’s special places.

Therefore, our curriculum is built around a selection of ‘Learning Challenges’ that the class will work towards throughout the term. We take the knowledge and skills identified within the Foundation subjects in the National Curriculum and ensure that these are learnt and applied as part of our thematic work. The books that we read and written work that we produce in English lessons are inspired by our thematic work.

Science is also part of this work where it fits well, otherwise it is taught discretely; it is greatly enhanced by the learning opportunities provided by outdoor learning in our Forest School and allotment. Maths is taught discretely but opportunities to apply mathematical skills across the curriculum are built in to thematic work.

The term culminates in a Learning Challenge outcome, for example Change Maker Museum or Film Night, where parents, carers and wider family are invited to come into school to celebrate, share and enjoy the children’s learning and success.

To find out more about our curriculum please speak to your child’s class teacher or a member of the school leadership team.